An Amazing Story

There was a child waiting for her mother in the lobby of Auburn Police Department, and she played with some LEGO, and built this. Thank you to Debby Nelson from Auburn Police Department for emailing me this story. It is wonderful to see that we are helping children in need!

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Molina Community Champions

I am truly honored to have been chosen as one of the six 2014 Molina Community Champions. I would like to thank WEAVE, Inc. for nominating me for this award, and everyone who attended. I am truly grateful for all of your support.

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Johnson Ranch Drive

Thank you to Michelle Zeiss, for all of her hard work in setting up a LEGO and tennis can drive at Johnson Ranch Racquet Club! A long time ago, I tried to set up a drive on my own at Johnson Ranch, and I was unsuccessful. l am very thankful for your help. We have already received so many tennis cans, and there are many more on the way.

Another special thank you to Lorna Schofield, Rich Wells, and the rest of the staff at Johnson Ranch Racquet Club for all of their help in making this LEGO and tennis ball can drive so successful!

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Paustch Family Donation

Thank you to the Paustch family for their continued support of BrickDreams! They have generously donated many, many tennis cans.

In addition, Mrs. Paustch has collected hundreds of cans from Johnson Ranch Racquet Club, Broadstone Racquet Club, and other organizations, as part of BrickDreams’ LEGO and tennis tube drive. We truly appreciate the Paustch family’s help!

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Vivaldi Family Donation

Thank you to the Vivaldi family for donating a big tub of LEGO! We are very grateful for your support. Later on this summer, an Eagle Scout will help us make many tubes of LEGO, and your donation will help fill those tubes.