Rosalie Allison

A very special thank you to Rosalie Allison for her LEGO donation.  She drove to our home to gift us her unwanted LEGO a long time ago – October 31st, 2014!!  We somehow missed acknowledging her on our website!  We are so sorry! Rosalie, please know that your generosity helps so many kids affected by felony abuse and/or domestic violence.  Thank you again.


Anderson Family

Thank you to Kelly Anderson & family from Folsom, CA, for your very generous almost 60lb LEGO donation!!  We can’t wait to distribute it to kids in distress on your behalf!  Thank you again, Anderson family!


2015-01-22 18.53.48

Folsom Police Department

Thank you to Commander Rick Hillman, Sergeant Chris Emery, Chief Cynthia Renaud, and Commander Dirk Regan for accepting our BrickDreams donations.  We are grateful that Folsom PD plans to carry them in patrol cars and distribute the LEGO to kids during a frightening time in their lives.

2015-01-20 16.02.35


To date, BrickDreams has given 712 pounds of LEGO to deserving kids on behalf of our donors.

Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy

Thank you, Mrs. Maureen O’Brien of the Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, for using BrickDreams’ LEGO to help kids during distressing times.

Mrs. Blake accepting LEGO on Mrs. Maureen O'Brien's behalf (Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy)

Mrs. Blake accepting LEGO on Mrs. Maureen O’Brien’s behalf (Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy)

To date, through the generosity of our donors, BrickDreams has given 700 lbs of LEGO to kids in need!

SAFE Center, Sacramento California

We received the following email from Irene Chu of SAFE Center in Sacramento in December.  Thank you, Ms. Chu, for your kind words – we are grateful to be able to partner with you to help kids in distress.

Dear Nina and Maya,

It was such a pleasure meeting with both of you yesterday and getting to know how the BrickDreams initiated by its founder, Bailey, and how this project takes off.  It is even more encouraging to see that more and more children and families are benefiting from such a good deed.  Although the economy appears to be recovering, our County resources are still quite limited, and in addition to the restrictions of our grant fund, our Center has not been able to replace a lot of the old and worn out toys, and needless to say, we surely do not have any extra money for high quality and educational toys such as lego blocks.

Your project is definitely a blessing for our Center, as well as the children and families whom we serve on a daily basis.  On behalf of Sacramento County Child Protective Services and the SAFE Center, I would like to express our heart-felt thank you and appreciation for your generous donations of the lego blocks, and I would also like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Irene Chu, M.S.

Program Specialist, Emergency Response Program &

Director, SAFE Center

Sacramento County

Child Protective Services

925 Del Paso Blvd., Suite 500

Sacramento, CA, 95815

Tel: 916-874-5761


Keifer Family

Thank you, Bill & Dorie Keifer, for donating your unused LEGO.  Thank you also to Jennie, their daughter, for bringing your gift to us!  Your generosity will help many kids affected by domestic violence and/or felony abuse.

Keifer Family 1:10:15


Thank you, Ariana Vaughn, for accepting our LEGO donation!  We are always thrilled to provide LEGO to WEAVE – your organization was our first BrickDreams recipient!

2015-01-09 11.12.55

To date, we have donated 688 pounds of LEGO to kids in need.

Sacramento Police Department

Thank you to Sgt. Patrick Kohles for accepting our LEGO donation today.  Thank you also for showing us the waiting area that you plan to create for families who are being interviewed – we look forward to providing you with more LEGO in the future.

2015-01-09 10.44.14

To date we have donated 672 pounds of LEGO to kids in distress.

Roseville Police Activities League

Thank you to Viviana Nevarez of Roseville (CA) Police Activities League for accepting our LEGO donation on 12/30/14!  We appreciate your support and help to deserving kids in our community!

2014-12-30 14.20.19


To date, we have donated 664 pounds of LEGO to kids in need.

Alexander Nanji

Thank you, Alexander, for donating LEGO to BrickDreams!  We are in the early stages of partnering with 3 different city police departments.  We know that your donation will be put to good use.  Thanks again, Xander!

Alexander Nanji 1:4:15